Rectangular Glass Aquarium With Stand

৳ 6,599.00


Thinking about a unique gift for your love!!! Here is the solution – Rectangular Glass Aquarium With Stand. A perfect gift for your lovely kids at their birthday or any special occasions.

Aquarium is a glass made box of any size having transparent side in which water-dwelling plants and animals are kept and displayed. In this box there will be a light, stones, fishes and artificial tree which will create a under water environment. This aquarium gift package will include:
  1. A glass aquarium box
  2. Wooden cover on top
  3. Wooden stand for the Aquarium
  4. 6 pcs Fish (Fish may change due to availability)
  5. Fish tank decorated with colorful stones and a plastic tree
  6. Aquarium water cleaning medicine adequate for one month
  7. One packet of Optimum fish food (made in Thailand)
  8. Oxygen pump for fish aquarium
  9. Aquarium water internal filter
  10. Light set inside the upper cover
  11. Toys
  12. Fish catching net
Kindly select the aquarium size before Checkout.
Small Size – Length X Width = 24″ X 12″ (inches)
Medium Size – Length X Width = 36″ X 15″ (inches)
Big Size – Length X Width = 48″ X 15″ (inches)


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