Cosumix Plus

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Cosumix Plus

( Sulphachloropyridazine 10% + Trimethoprim 2%)

Water soluble powder,Each gram contains:

Sulphachlorpyridazine sodium salt       100mg

Trimethoprim                                        20mg

Cosumix Plus is indicated for prevention and treatment of bacterial infections in poultry such as: air- sac diseases, CRD, CCRD, coliform septicaemia, salpingitis, fowl cholera, infectious coryza , staphylococcus infections and in calves : Bacterial diarrhea, gastroenteritis, coliform septicaemia, bronchopneumonia,
polyarthritis, diphtheria and navel-ill. It is particularly recommended for the treatment of stress-related infections.

Administration & Dosage:
Cosumix Plus is given by oral administration via drinking water or final feed. For all animals: 200 mg of powder (corresponding to 24 mg of total active ingredient) per kg B.W. per day. In calves: the preparation is given for 5-10   days.
as a drench or  mixed in  milk. In poultry: Cosumix Plus is given in drinking water or final feed for 3 – 6 consecutive days.

Do not administer to ruminants with a functional rumen.
Use under veterinary direction. The solution should be Prepared directly before application.

Withdrawal Times:
Poultry: 4 days
Calves: 5 days

Store in a cool place , protect from light
keep out of reach of children.

Package format:
250 g sachet.

05 g sachet .


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